Monday, August 22, 2005

Anti-Procrastination Week!

I put an exclamation mark in that title to make it look exciting, but to tell the truth, I am a procrastinator and I don't enjoy doing things that I've put off. The essay today was about losing your enthusiasm. Boy, have I ever been there! We all have. The bottom line is JUST DO IT. If you have to motivate yourself with a reward, then do it! If nothing will work other than gritting your teeth and jumping in, then do it! What are some things you've been putting off? What are you going to do about them?

One thing I've been putting off is cleaning the fridge. Yes, I have it on my list to do each week. No, I didn't do it last week, and now it has to be done. Things are falling out when we open the door! Now, in my defense, I want you to know we have a very small fridge. It came with the apartment. So it takes very little to fill it up, with a family of five and shopping just once a week. So today I'm going to clean out that fridge and ease the stress of not being able to find anything, nothing fitting back in quite the same way it came out, and pitchers of juice falling out all over the floor, causing me to have to mop the floor unexpectedly.

It's time to stop procrastinating! Let's get off our frannies and get something done!

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