Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Wouldn't you know it?

The day after I start a FlyLady blog, I oversleep and throw my morning routine right out the window! I forgot to set my alarm last night, so I didn't even wake up till 7:15, ran down to put out our donation to a local charity so they could pick it up, then decided to check my e-mail "for just a minute." Mmm hmmmm. Right. Just a minute - it's never happened in my life! LOL So I ended up with no walk, breakfast was late, and I didn't get my shower till 10:30. It's now 2:30, and I just finished my home blessing for the day, my kitchen floor. I haven't gotten anything else done that I'd planned for the day either. The whole day has been out of whack and I've spent way too much time online. So it's time to jump in where I am and finish the day better than it started. I'm about to go out and get a cake for our Wed. night Bible study (we have birthday cake the first Wed. of every month), then do some more writing and a little studying before I start supper. I just knew that when I made my routines "public" I'd fail at them miserably! Isn't that life?!?! But you know, life really is a series of adjustments and allowances and small decisions. We all have to make those adjustments, and if we have a plan in place, we can just jump right back in and keep things running in the general direction they're supposed to run. Kind of like God's grace - we mess up, but when we turn back to Him, He brings us right back into fellowship with Him and gets our life back in line again, according to His master plan!

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