Friday, July 08, 2005

What to do?

It's Friday, time to have some fun with the kids and maybe have a bit of a date with my dh! I think I need one! I think we'll play a game or two with the kids - dh was doing some rearranging and found 3 travel games that we forgot we had - and maybe go to the Sugar Suite, a cute little cafe just a block from Starbucks in our little village of Lynn Valley. It has all the stuff Starbucks does, for less money and more atmosphere. Our kids are all teens, so it's fine to leave them at the house for an hour or so while we go out. This is a nice stage of life; we still have our kids with us, but they're old enough to leave them home if we need (or want) to go out. That comes in handy in the ministry. Even though we do include them in most everything we do, sometimes we need to go and not take them with us. And a date is one of those times!

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