Friday, July 22, 2005

True Confession Time

With my boys gone to work at camp this week, it's seemed like a vacation. So my routines took a vacation. Not my morning routine of getting dressed and ready for the day; that one is truly ingrained, thank the Lord! But my cleaning routines didn't materialize this week. Neither did my bedtime routine. I did do some sewing for my daughter though, and I'm doing a little more today. But tomorrow I think we'll do an emergency quick clean and try to get back on track. Things aren't completely out of control, just needing to grab those big jobs, like mopping, that make the house welcoming.

Concerning the bedtime routine: is that as hard for others to keep as it is for me? Here is my current "routine" - stay up as late as I can without falling asleep (or maybe even fall asleep on the couch), stumble up the stairs to the bedroom, take off my clothes and fall in the bed, exhausted. Mumble goodnight to dh.

Here is what I'd like to do: turn my computer off at a certain time, say 9:30; go upstairs to the bedroom and change into my pj's, wash and moisturize my face, lay out my clothes for tomorrow, and get into bed to read for a little while before dh comes to bed. So why don't I do that? I'm thinking laziness? Procrastination? Stubbornness? In the evenings, I usually putter around on the computer, and something will catch my attention, so off I go on a surfing adventure. Or I'll be chatting with a friend online. Or I'll take that time to write. Or there is actually something decent to watch on TV (very rare, by the way!). So I sit and do anything and everything except my evening routine. I've found that when I do follow the routine I have planned, I feel more relaxed as I go to sleep, and more refreshed and ready to tackle the day in the morning. When I stumble up the stairs and fall into bed, I still feel rushed and tired the next morning.

So . . . for this weekend - tonight, tomorrow night, and Sunday night - I am going to make sure I do my evening routine. I'll turn off my computer at 9:30 and proceed from there. Won't dh be surprised when he finds a relaxed wife when he comes to bed?!

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