Monday, July 11, 2005

Some Things I Have to Get Done Today

This week will be very busy. We have a small group of college students from the US coming in either Thursday night or Friday morning. They're from one of our supporting churches, and they are coming to see our church and get some sightseeing in. They'll be camping in our back yard, tiny as it is!

So . . . today I need to get my fridge cleaned out a couple of days early. It's small and it's packed right now.

I need to make a menu for the weekend. I'll be shopping as usual on Thursday, but only for the weekend, since we don't have room to store the extra food in addition to our regular weekly amount. Next Monday I'll fill in the rest of the week's groceries.

I also need to try to figure out what's wrong with my sewing machine. I'm hoping it just needs some oil. When I sew, it moves very slowly. The motor sounds normal, it's just going slow. Any suggestions?

I also need to wrap up my older son's school work for the year. The other two children have been finished for two weeks, but Samuel still needs me to check on the projects list and see if there's anything he really needs to do. If not, he's finished too. Sometime soon I need to go through our curriculum that we already have and see what we need to fill in the gaps.

Just lots of little things to keep me busy. No reason to be bored this week!

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