Monday, July 11, 2005

So How'd I Do?

I got most of the things done that I'd planned for today. I got my son's schoolwork straightened out - he has a couple of English projects he needs to do, which were met with less than enthusiasm, but from past experience, I know he'll do a good job on them in a timely manner.

I found a surprise when I cleaned out the fridge. Ugh! I noticed that the vegetable crisper needed to be washed, and when I pulled it out, I saw murky, smelly water under the crispers. I didn't know it was there! It took me an extra 10 minutes to clean that up, but I noticed when I walked in from outside this afternoon that my house smells better! I didn't even realize that there was a smell, but it made a difference to clean up that water - fresher. I've heard that the best deodorizer is a clean house.

I wrote some cards that were very much overdue, addressed them and put stamps on them. They're ready to go in the mailbox when I take my walk tomorrow morning! I'm used to the mail being picked up from my mailbox in the US, but here in Canada the mail carrier only delivers - a good excuse for a quick walk up to the mailbox or a nice errand for a teenage son.

I got my Sunday school lesson printed out, looked up some wall charts of the books of the Bible to order online, and found some posterboard to make some song charts. I have to start working early in the week to have a good lesson and activities planned for Sunday.

And finally, I wrote an article for a real estate web site. This is something I just started last week. It's a fairly easy way to make a little mad money.

I didn't get any baking done. Maybe tomorrow. That was new for today, and I just didn't get to it!

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