Saturday, July 09, 2005

Saturday - Church Ministries

For many pastors' families, Saturday and Sunday are their busiest days of the week. Although our church is still small, about 25 people, those days are our busiest. On Saturday, my main jobs are to get ready for Sunday. I finish preparing the Sunday School lesson for the children; I teach them in a separate room while my husband preaches. I play the piano for our church services, so I get an offertory piece ready. I like to play special arrangements of classic hymns, but a lot of times I just choose a favorite hymn from the book and play that.

I also do something that makes Sunday morning run a lot smoother: I iron dh's and my clothes and have the kids iron theirs. Nothing is more stressful (to me) than not being able to find the right clothes, ready to be put on, on Sunday morning! I try to get all the laundry caught up on Saturday (which is something I rarely accomplish - working on that!), so that we're sure to have clean underwear, socks, dress shirts. It's just as stressful to go to iron on Saturday evening and find nothing to iron as it is to have iron it on Sunday morning!

The last thing I do to get ready for Sunday is make a dessert and get the main dish for Sunday dinner ready to go in the crockpot or oven on Sunday morning. I love to come home to a dinner cooked and ready to eat on Sunday afternoon, and my family loves being able to eat within a reasonable amount of time after we get home from church! I usually make something in the crockpot (tomorrow is stew beef with brown gravy), and if it's a roast I'll put it in on low Saturday night so that by Sunday afternoon it is fork tender and juicy. If I do that, I'll turn it on warm before we leave for church so it doesn't cook too much. Sunday is the only day we have a big dessert. I like to make cakes and cold desserts like parfaits. Both of those types are easy to make ahead.

One other thing that my dh and I do to prepare for Sunday is make visits to people who have visited our church services the previous week or two. We like to drop by and let them know that we appreciate their choosing our church to come to that day and that we hope to see them again. So all of this together makes for a full day for me while my dh finishes up his sermon preparation. It's a joy to us to be busy serving our Lord together. It's been less stressful since I put my Saturday plan in place and began following it - thanks, FlyLady!


O Beautiful Mother said...

Hi Susan,
Our Sundays sound similar and one thing I have found that works for me is that Monday or Tuesday is laundry day and that is when the Sunday clothes are prepared and ready for the Sabbath. Saturday is too late for me, for like you said there is a lot to do on that day of the week. I love your idea of Dessert on Sunday. We are going to have my Grandma's grasshopper pie. Too bad we aren't in the same town I would make one for your family. :0) Keep up the good work! You are doing great!

Susan said...

Hi! On some of my more productive weeks, I get some of the ironing done during the week, and I feel so good when my dh can just go to the closet and pull out a ready-to-wear shirt. My goal is to eventually stay caught up on the ironing and delete that task from an alredy busy Saturday. Thanks for reading and for the encouragement! Oh, and the pie sounds delicious - too bad you don't live closer!