Friday, July 15, 2005

Our Group Arrived Safely

Our college group arrived safely yesterday afternoon. All my plans seem to be working out; nothing has gone terribly wrong yet, anyway! Today I'll marinate pork chops while we go to the mountains to play. We're taking hoagies and chips for lunch, then grilling those chops when we get home.

For cleaning, my daughter is my primary helper in the kitchen. My older son is keeping an eye on the bathrooms, and my younger son is vacuuming and keeping an eye on the trash cans. It's nice to have kids old enough to take responsibility for some things to free me up to take care of our guests!


Joanna said...

Susan, I've enjoyed reading your blog. Your meal plan for today sounds delicious. I am a missionary working in a muslim country so the idea of hoagie (ham) and pork chops got my mouth watering.

Blessings on your time with the college students.

Flying in Africa

Susan said...

Hi, Joanna! The pork would be something I would miss too. You are doing a great work, though - God bless you! Thanks for stopping by and reading, and for leaving a comment.