Wednesday, July 13, 2005

More on Taking Care of Yourself

I've been thinking more about taking care of ourselves. I consider taking care of yourself to be taking care of your basic needs, such as good food in proper portions, getting some exercise, getting some spiritual refreshment each day, and getting proper amounts of rest. Sitting on the sofa all afternoon reading a novel is not what I'm talking about! I consider taking care of myself as doing the things for myself that I would do for my dh or children. I insist that my children eat well and rest enough - I should do that for myself. I schedule checkups for them. I see that they take medicine when they need it. I take my children to church and see to their spiritual needs. I should do no less for myself.

There are times when we need to buckle down and give more time to others and forget about ourselves completely, such as when someone is sick or working overtime for you or dh, but overall, we can take better care of ourselves if we put our minds to it and make the time. You can Finally Love Yourself . . . and love your family in the process. You're the only YOU that they have!

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