Sunday, July 10, 2005

The Miracle of 15 Minutes

Everyone knows you can't do anything in just 15 minutes, right? That's how I used to think before I met FlyLady. I'd see my dishes in the sink and think, "That will take too long; I'll wait till tomorrow morning when I have more energy." Or I'd put off mopping the floor, thinking it would take SO long to move the chairs, sweep, fill the bucket, get out the mop, mop the floor, rinse out the bucket and mop and put them away. Clean out the fridge? No way! That takes too long!

Then I found FlyLady and she said I could do anything for 15 minutes. I was skeptical, but I tried it. I couldn't believe it! In 15 minutes, I could get most of the dishes washed (if it was just one meal's worth, anyway), so why not take another 5 minutes and finish them off? I set my timer for 15 minutes and started sweeping the floor to mop it. Hmmm. Took less than 5 minutes. Mopping and putting away the mop and bucket took another 10. So in less than 15 minutes I can sweep AND mop the floor and even put away the evidence. And cleaning out the fridge. I set the timer for 15 minutes and get after it. Again, less than 15 minutes, especially if it hasn't been very long since the last time I cleaned it out.

I have found to my surprise that there are very few household jobs that take more than 15 minutes, and almost none that take more than 30. I remember my mother-in-law visiting with me several years ago. We'd get ready to go somewhere after supper, and she'd wash up a few dishes if we had a few minutes before time to leave, When I told her to just leave them, she said, "You can get a lot done in just a few minutes, and there won't be as much to do when we get home." I love my little secret miracle! I have 3 15-minute cleaning sessions planned each day - one for my home blessing, one for my zone cleaning, and one for zone decluttering/organizing - and it doesn't seem like you'd get much done. But that 45 minutes a day keeps things running smoothly and still leaves time to homeschool, surf the net, write, read, watch TV with my family, play games, make cards, prepare Sunday school lessons, practice the piano . . . and the list goes on. Who'd have thunk it? It's a miracle!


Carolyn said...

I'm not sure which Blog I like better! :) I really have been praying about my house. I so love reading your blog.
Can you share your home blessing?

Susan said...

Carolyn, you mean the home blessing for today, Monday? Today I spot-cleaned my kitchen cabinets and wiped down my counter tops - less than 15 minutes!