Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Home Blessings

I don't do my Home Blessings all in one hour on one day. I spread them out over the week, and each day's jobs take me about 15 minutes. Today I did 2 days' worth, because we celebrated US Independence Day yesterday. The 2 days' combined jobs took me less than 30 minutes. Our daily jobs, like dishes and vacuuming, are delegated to our 3 children, ages 12-16.

Monday – Kitchen
- Wipe down countertops, top of fridge, microwave, stove
- Spot-clean cabinet fronts

Change Sheets

Tuesday – Bathroom
- Clean bathtub (also on Saturday)
- Mop floors

Wednesday – Downstairs Floors and Furniture
- Mop kitchen, entry, and powder room floors (also on Saturday if necessary)
- Sweep front porch
- Vacuum furniture
- Clean out fridge

Thursday – Glass
- Clean mirrors
- Clean patio doors, kitchen window
- Clean TV screen

Friday – Plants and Yard
- Water plants
- Feed garden flowers
- Feed house plants
- Sweep patio

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