Thursday, July 07, 2005

Grocery Day

Thursday is my grocery day. I've had a designated grocery day for years, ever since my dh got out of the Air Force. I usually go in the afternoon, simply because most of the year we homeschool, and it's easier to go after school is done for the day. I make my menu and grocery list on Wednesday afternoon so I'm ready to go on Thursday and I don't have to agonize over them all morning. Making a menu and list are two things that are torture for me! LOL But they are the biggest helps in saving money and making things run more smoothly.

Here's what we're eating this week:

Thursday - Beef Noodle Skillet
Friday - Meatloaf
Saturday - Taco Bake
Sunday - Stew Beef with brown gravy
Monday - Garlic Chicken
Tuesday - Cheeseburgers
Wednesday - Pinto beans and rice

Yes, that was a lot of beef you saw on our menu! I'm working on stocking our tiny little freezer on our fridge with different kinds of meat, but right now the most economical package is the family pack of ground beef, so that's what I plan the most. I have some boneless pork chops in there, and some big hot dogs that were on sale last week. Last night I made baked beans with a pack of those hot dogs chopped up in them, and they were a nice change.

I've made a main dish master list and a master shopping list, both to make menu and shopping easier on me - I don't have to think as much.

That's all the random thoughts I have about my grocery day. I may try to figure out how to post my master shopping list, but right now I have to leave for the grocery store.

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