Thursday, July 07, 2005

Basic Weekly Plan

One of the hardest things for me to settle on has been a Basic Weekly Plan. I keep thinking, "What if I find that I need to change it later?" Well . . . what if I do? Why am I so afraid of changing it if needed? So I sat down earlier this week and actually wrote it down, made a section in my Control Journal for it, and put it in there. It may change, but at least I have something written down to guide me a little. So here it is. I've called Monday "Home Blessing Day," even though I do one home blessing job each day, for lack of a better name.

Monday – Home Blessing Day
- Home blessing
- Change sheets
- Bake

Tuesday – Free Day
- Home blessing
- Choose something to do for myself that is interesting to me

Wednesday – Desk Day
- Home blessing
- Write and send notes
- Plan menu for the week
- Make grocery list
- Tweak routines

Thursday – Grocery Shopping Day
- Home blessing
- Go to grocery store
- Go to produce market
- Go to library

Friday – Family Day/Date Night
- Home blessing
- Do something with/for the children
- Have a date with Wes

Saturday – Church Ministries Day
- Prepare Sunday School lesson
- Prepare music
- Prepare clothes
- Prepare main dish and dessert
- Make church visits

Sunday – Spiritual Refreshment Day
- Go to church morning and evening
- Take an afternoon nap

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