Sunday, July 17, 2005

As The Dust Settles . . .

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Our college group left this afternoon. Whew! What a weekend we had! Here's a rundown of how things went:

Friday - Took the boys to Whistler; stopped several times along the way to take pictures. Even though it was raining, the scenery was great, and we did have a couple of breaks in the clouds. We had a picnic at a roadside park next to a small lake and grilled pork chops when we got home.

Saturday - the college guys and our boys went door-to-door inviting people to our church service this morning. None of those people came, but we had at least six people visit our church this morning for the first time. Grilled burgers and hot dogs last night and listened to the guys practice their instruments for today. They asked my husband lots of questions about starting a church, since two of the three plan to do the same someday, and the other plans to work in an established church ministry.

Sunday - Church! The boys played their instruments and sang, and their chaperone preached. Afterwards, we had a potluck dinner. We have about 20 people regularly attending our church, and I've never seen that much food from so few people in my life! Culturally, our church is very diverse. We have people from five different countries, so we had a great variety of food today, from plain old green beans and corn to spring rolls and sushi.

This weekend was very busy, but we had a great time and built some new friendships. This was our first experience having a church group come to visit us, and it was our pleasure to have them here. I'll have some pictures to share soon. Plans are in the works for some or all of them to return next year, with a few more friends, and hold a Vacation Bible School with us. We can't wait!

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